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I know Anna Maria Artegiani for several years and I have followed with interest the evolution from when he began to attend my studio in Via Bruschi. He had already gained his artistic personality, because the dream of his life was to paint and it seemed to me that he had obtained a degree in pharmacy with honors was not worth the coronation of his dream. I tried immediately sympathy for the 'similar experience I had with my law studies. L 'Artegiani has always shown without a second thought to be interested in figurative art and is adept in this field with determination and enthusiasm getting good results and carrying out strictly personal experiences gained through study diligently and deep. The characters that fill her imagination come from afar; from ancient cathedrals early Christian, Byzantine, Orthodox. Its vein, driven by a deep spirituality, exceeds the daily reality landing in outer space of pure fantasy. His works I like and excite me; are not an art critic but I have seen that even these experts have well accepted with honors and participated in important exhibitions. It is for them to study and deepen these last works that I'm sure will collect the consent of the visitors of the exhibition. Anna wishes from your old friend and admirer.