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Vittorio Sgarbi
Eugenio Gianń
Antonio Carlo Ponti
Sabrina Falzone
Serena Carlino
Paolo Levi
Marco Grilli
Elena Gollini
Luciano Cancelloni
Salvatore Russo


Creating It communicates, watching listen to

Artistic creation has always been considered a miracle of the human being With its form of mentis it can give life to the invisible, to give voice to the inexpressible, to To make manifest what only the human soul, in its intimate shape, can shaping. Anna Maria Artegiani, in this she proved to be a true teacher who knew Listen to her soul, producing masterpieces of undisputed beauty. His meditation on the time of the sacred opens to scenarios of rare beauty: making art is Complex but it is even more if it tends to give voice to the sacred, that is to that world Of the intangibility that reason can look at but which will certainly not succeed Never to understand. Here comes the heart that with emotional pots succeeds Pulsing creative life: after all, art is nothing more than pure creation, from which A new life emerges as a work of art, a bridge between rationality and Emotion, between reason and heart. Here the Artegian takes on an impeccable technique, fruit of study and meditation on Old masters, who resumed themselves as doctors of the technique, but who knows how to riplasmare According to contemporary canons, bringing his being an artist today within Every work. Communication and listening are the dictation that requires our Anna's work Maria Artegiani, whom we can enjoy with pleasure in the exhibition halls Temporary of our Diocesan and Capitular Museum of Terni.