Franco Battiato
Franco Venanti
Andrea Cernicchi


Vittorio Sgarbi
Eugenio Gianń
Antonio Carlo Ponti
Sabrina Falzone
Serena Carlino
Paolo Levi
Marco Grilli
Elena Gollini
Luciano Cancelloni
Salvatore Russo


The painting, as stated in Merleau-Ponty in his famous essay titled "The eye and the spirit" "Awaken, placed at its extreme potency, a delusion, that is the vision itself, because to see is to have distance and painting extends this bizarre possession of all aspects of being, which must somehow be visible to enter her. "The prospect of seeing art in the exercise of Anna Maria Artegiani, is accented by a mental and emotional tension towards reality, which gives the appearance of an inner world recognizable, sifted through a slow reflection, a thought beyond the dilated space and time boundaries of the canvas.
The scene recalled is played with connotations of modernity, with characteristics that suggest a time and this current, which closes in a sort of chronological metaphysical suspension, the result of compositional idea of timelessness. The creative imagination of the painter has been formed and evolved in scope impregnated figurative culture, from which it has been able to get the tools of doing, related to technical and expressive abilities it proposes, landing in a personal interpretation of the system construction, which penetrated into the narrative synthesis a special distinctive strength of the representation, primarily of the female, which predominates in the paintings. The woman is wrapped in the dense textures of metaphor in a process, which creates "deception" thinking about what Picasso said, prompted by the phenomenon of vision.
The Artegiani simplifies the dialogue with the things of the phenomenal spatial dimension and with what lives in the fertile soil of imagination, looking for ways and mechanisms using a direct and immediate communicative language and barrier-free, removed from the longstanding dispute between figuration and abstraction. The representation acquires a specific and precise value is a measure of an opening through which exit the "swamp" of easy indifference, besieging the art of our time, distancing himself from a reinterpretation, which produces messages and meanings hybrids and misinterpretation. The surface of the work acts as a filter sensitive and receptive in which subjects are moving, taking the body and volume, are full of essence of a magical aura substantial concrete, to condense and rekindle the emotional condition of the whole.

It is a painting that causes it to get into the varied pictorial code, to descend into the atmosphere pervaded by intense lyricism, full of pathos and emotional references appeal to philosophical principles existential projections simbologiche mysterious and intriguing. The author goes beyond the formal synthesis of the dictation and outlines a new ethical quality of thought, able to avoid drowning in the vast chaotic sea of our time. Kokoschka wrote, "We must not lose heart.'s Main task that stands before us is to distinguish between the thought and the mere functionality, which dehumanizes". On this trail you place the conceptual way of making art and understanding art dell'Artegiani.