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Anna Maria Artegiani, the soul of the East
By the clear vision of the East of Anna Maria Artegiani emerges a complex spiritual universe able to trace a clear path of links and correlations between both Asia and Western elaborations with a sensitivity outside the municipality. The solid design of the setting, simple and essential yet extremely refined, holds the figurative structure of existential philosophy that underlies the artistic research of the Umbrian painter. Intimate reflections on man and his relationship with the afterlife move the investigation pictorial Artegiani which is enriched with deep metaphors and emblems significant emerging horizons of ancestral memory. They are popular in oriental subjects of his paintings, are the looks of the characters portrayed with realistic fidelity, are their faces to give us endless emotions, to arouse in us questions and queries, requests to lift the secret of silent waiting for impossible answers. The spirituality is manifested in the intensity of human expression in the constant light that seems to expand and take possession of the entire pictorial production of Anna Maria Artegiani.
A poetic spirit marked by contemplation, silence and meditation (Zen) plays a key authoritative in the visual representation of the author. His attention focuses on the great spiritual traditions of East and West, facing the religious sphere of human society and the inner journey, a journey to the cosmic knowledge.
In his paintings you can see that desire for knowledge and wisdom through the ages and all people. In their silence reigns in the cathartic journey of humanity, but the look of Anna Maria sensitive Artegiani also falls on oriental women and their role in society; his is, in fact, three hundred and sixty degrees in a route that passes through the streets of the soul.
The chromatic harmony that characterizes his works accompanies this contemplative journey of mankind to distant destinations, towards the search for a higher truth, tending to God.