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Vittorio Sgarbi
Eugenio Gianń
Antonio Carlo Ponti
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"Looks and colors from India" is a portrait the great expressive power, where eyes confirm that they are the mirror the soul, the point from which all emotion it comes to life. A painting in its perfect execution hypnotizes the bystander, making sure that its concentration not being shifted to another which is not the reading key of this work. The artist proves that artistic instinct is the basis of true creativity and to date, his art helps to enrich the art scene contemporary. Execution vigorous and particular in choosing tonal and in touch, in fact, given the ethnic the choice of subjects to be represented: the features, uses and customs of fascinating and distant India. The matrix the pictorial Anna Maria Artegiani designates the disposition of a filter valences objective in a perfect marriage between art and spirituality, through an impeccable application of color the result of continuous study and unremitting expressive research. A painting deeply human who is not impressed by fads but which pays tribute to the tradition following in the footsteps of past masters and maintaining at the same time a personal style and creative. That's in every work, every look, every subject represented becomes pure ideological expression, it becomes authentic revelation. His art It is a means to look inward, turns the viewer to communicate their intimate thoughts through agreements color that follow a deep sense of spiritual harmony. A composite personality to Anna Maria Artegiani, give in it multiple experiences that contribute to give the works a charm special and mysterious. Description the real is the major route by the artist, the themes narrated, characterized by brushstrokes and rich in diamonds brightness, become pure representation of an ever new experience aesthetic and perceptive, rich vibrant emotionality. Light plays a role key, soft light and diffuse, as a divine light, which makes color soft, it makes the outline of the subjects recognizable and gives a dimension revealing an almost dreamlike figurative lyrical and full of momentum unquestionable beauty. An art that deserves to be observed and considered for the message that carries in itself and that is transmitted with effectiveness and immediacy. So art as a source inexhaustible outbursts of emotional and existential, proof that the author of excellent balance between scenic effect and consistency of composition.