Franco Battiato
Franco Venanti
Andrea Cernicchi


Vittorio Sgarbi
Eugenio Gianń
Antonio Carlo Ponti
Sabrina Falzone
Serena Carlino
Paolo Levi
Marco Grilli
Elena Gollini
Luciano Cancelloni
Salvatore Russo


It's very persuasive spiritual message of an artist who shows in his work, the ability to bring together color form movement.
Narra ritual events linked to religious fervor in a clever tribute to tolerance and coexistence.

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The works of Anna Maria Artegiani are not just paintings, but they represent with great contemporaryity and style, a multiethnic path that goes back and forth on the line of time. A great stylistic research resides behind the finished work, which, once completed, reveals a journey to unknown places and times. Brilliant colors and pointed brushstrokes, sharp contours and a strong dynamism create a stylized iconography, which immediately becomes the signature of the painter. The vast range of covered themes, ranging from spirituality to religion, from traditions to dance to simple portraits or landscapes, constitute the creative setting that outlines and shows us Artistic personality of the Artisans, a rich and open personality that builds The basis for a sought-after and effective art, an art that can show the naked soul of those who, behind those painted images, wants to share the beauty of the world with the world by giving it a new life through the wisdom of her Pictorial gesture.