She was born and still lives in Perugia. She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Perugia. At the end of the 1980’s she returned to her lifelong passion of painting. She trained at the school of Franco Venanti whose pupil she became until 1994.

Extremely sensitive to the values of the spirit, in response to an inner quest for the profound meaning of existence and human life on earth, she began her research which subsequently led her to explore the great traditions of the Eastern and Western worlds. At the same time she developed her personal and existential research on man’s inner path. This profound interest led her on a singular route to combine Art and Spirituality from 1994 on.

In 2001 she began to exhibit at both personal and collective exhibitions. Highly acclaimed by critics and the public alike, “Sulla Contemplazione, Viaggio dipinto attraverso le grandi Tradizioni Spirituali” (On Contemplation, a Painted Voyage across the great Spiritual Traditions), curated by Antonio Carlo Ponti, goes beyond the different religious forms, each with its own rites and symbols, it is devoid of syncretism and the contemplative dimension appears as the true unifying element.”Volti e luoghi del Sacro fra Oriente e Occidente” (Faces and Places of the Sacred from East to West), curated by Eugenio Gianni (Italian/English catalogue) was presented in Perugia and Rome and was well reviewed by all, including the mass media. In addition to the interest shown by the press and the Vatican Radio for which she was interviewed, the prestigious Radio 3 programme “Uomini e Profeti” (Men and Prophets) dedicated a page to her on its website.

She exhibits at national and international level, including at the Italian Institute for Culture in Copenhagen, the Palais de Congrès in Paris, the Italian Institute for Culture in Prague, the Municipal Museum of Bucharest, the Amart Gallery in Brussels and the Pall Mall and Crypt galleries in London.

She has received the prestigious acclaim of Franco Battiato for her work.

One of her works was selected by the French art expert Dominique Stal and sold at auction on the 26th of January 2012 in Paris in the historic Quartier Drouot, the French crossroads for international art. She participated in the International Fair for Contemporary Art in Miami in 2012, the Biennial in Palermo , the Creatività in Verona and the Biennial of Chianciano in 2013 and attended the 24th Art Fair in Padua.

Of note is her recent contribution to the editorial/exhibitive project “Artisti-Porto Franco” (Artists Franc Port) curated by Vittorio Sgarbi and the grand exhibition “Spoleto Art meets Venice” again curated by Vittorio Sgarbi (2014).

Her works are published in various specialist catalogues and magazines. She is present in the Catalogue of Modern Art Giorgio Mondadori no. 49.

In her exhibitions, her paintings are accompanied by quotes from authors and texts from the various Spiritual Traditions and express the wisdom and sagacity that travel through time.